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New Life Nursery was established in 1990 and is committed to providing customers with professional service at all times. With over 30 years of growing on the coast we are happy to offer you the right advice to make the best decisions with your purchase. We want to see you buying trees that are going to grow and thrive in your area.

We specialise in growing hardy coastal trees and hedging. However we also supply trees that grow well further inland. We also grow trees for the local riparian scheme so often have extra trees available for your riparian plantings.

Our top 10 trees for shelter on the coast. [See them all on the pricelist].
Karo [Pittosporum crassifolium] - This is as hardy as they get on the coast. Also makes a nice tree or hedge.
Norfolk Island Hibiscus [Lagunaria pattersonii]- Hardy to salt winds. Has a great shape-erect and pyramidal.
Coprosma repens - Very hardy and fast growing. Nice shiny foliage.
Chatham Island ake ake - Will grow in the most exposed of sites. Fast growing.
Banksia integrifolia - Has a good growth rate. The yellow cones attract native birds.
Cabbage tree -. Good to mix in with other plantings.
Pohutakawa - NZ icon. Will stand up to the worst of the coastal gales. Makes a lovely tree or can be used as a hedge
Olearia angulata - Nice looking tree. Ideal for shelter up to 3m.
NZ Flax [Phormium tenax] - Quick growing and dense. Very hardy.
Corokia - Can trim up well into a hedge or grown individually. Different foliage colours available.

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